Newsletter for 2nd Quarter 2011

Newsletter for 2nd Quarter 2011 – Theme: “He is alive!!! Sowing and reaping our stewardship!” Text: Luke 24: 5 -6.

Dear Friends, brothers and sisters, It‟s unbelievable that the year has gone so fast that the 2011 activities and expectations have gained momentum in such a way that the rush makes one overwhelmed with enthusiasm; there are many upcoming events that requires us to diarise and get involved. It is within this context that a humble plea is extended to prayerfully consider your commitment to the success of our Church planned activities.
Allow me to mention that any savvy business person knows that products do not make a company, people do. Paper or internet are not the real secret of communication, people are. Phones cannot uphold an organisation‟s image, people must. Projects do not need copiers and computers or slick strategies nearly as much as they need committed people. Of course, the technological aids are most useful; the point I make is that it is the quality and character of people that make an organisation. This is even more critical in a Church; The servant-hearted souls, who love the Lord, who think “why not” instead of “why”, who love each other as the family and strive only to know the blessings of faith in Jesus. The Church you belong to will never be better lest you make it.

Once more, you are encouraged to partake in the activities of your Church.
Dear friends, the longer I have lived, the more I have realised that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only institution in the world dedicated to a transformed society. It is the only hope to the world. Hence, the celebration of Good Friday, 22 April 2011 with total indication of nothing to beat as it truly functions in the love of God. It is a season that draws spiritual and corporate family of all nations together. It is a season that reaches out in compassion and provides a place for families to grow spiritually. It is amazing that God gave his Son to die in love for his people and live in thanksgiving for that gracious hand of God upon a life.
There is an excellent and Godly program wrapped up in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, if I may paraphrase 2 Peter 1: 5-8, I find that it expresses some of what God hopes and dreams for us as follows:

  • Be a diligent persevering person who wavers not in faith;
  • Be known for uncompromising moral excellence, that enlarges a reservoir of knowledge that makes one to stay balanced and on guard against extremes;
  • Making sure that one‟s godliness is free from hypocrisy; such that others are treated tactfully, graciously through the flow of Christian love..

Allow me to say, our Church needs members who are fully committed to the programme of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom of life and light and who will give it the full support that each one is able.

News from the Church Officers

1. Moderamen

As a result of the Integrated Ministries approach to church organization, Moderamen reports that on the 15th January 2011, they coordinated the first meeting of ministries and commissions with intent of constituting the ministries and handing out of planning and reviewing mandates emanating from the Synod as tabled in the Decisions Register. Of note is that the Moderamen are hard at work to ensure that there is harmony within the Church circles.

1.1. Synod Sitting-The Moderamen envisage to have a special synod sitting on the 17th June 2011 at Mamelodi Dienssentrum with the purpose of ratifying the new Church Order that incorporates all decisions of the past and present Regional Synods.

1.2. Integrated Ministries Committees, 2010 – 2014: The enhanced synods leadership is hard at work:

1.2.1 Support Ministry for Finance and Administration

This ministry is hard at work with its meticulous approach of advising the direction the church finances are to take. Their reason for their frequent meetings is to quell neither the good nor the bad in the minds from the various churches sectors attention. They are however, assuring all members of their courageous commitment to do right and justice to all issues.

The office of the CEA in partnership with the SMFA held a workshop of Church Financial Committee members from 4 – 5 March 2011. A number of challenges have been identified that shall receive attention of the Church Office.

1.2.2 Support Ministry for Judicial Matters

The team is hard at work on drafting the Church Order that shall incorporate all decision of the past and recent synod sessions.

This ministry hopes to present their piece of art work on 17 June 2011 at the Special Synod sitting.

1.2.3 Ministry for Communication, Publication, Archives and Translation

Chairperson: Rev ES Mokoka
Dep. Chair.: Eld SRM Mashao
Secretary: Rev LJ Raboshakga
Members: Dr TPP Maboea, Rev A Pretorius,
Co-opted: Dr MJ Maake and Prof Makgopa
The ministry is in its plenary session; we are promised to watch this space

1.2.4 Congregational Ministry

The executive committee of Congregational Ministries held its first meeting on the 5th March 2011 at Dienssentrum, Mamelodi. Among other issues discussed, it was resolved that piloting of Sunday school material should continue as scheduled until in August 2011. The material will be submitted to the publishers in September 2011 for publishing.

Music committee

Members from the five regions for music in the Northern Synod met on the same day, the 5th March 2011, to elect a new committee. The new committee members elected were:

1. Mr JG Foko : Chairperson
2. Mr JDO Sibiya : Deputy chairperson
3. Mr AM Segone : Secretary
4. Ms MJ Tloubatla : Deputy secretary
5. Mr MD Siko : Public Relations officer
6. Mr MJ Mashiane : Treasurer

The executive committee of Congregational Ministries gave members of the regions who were present, a task to suggest dates for the music seminar, circuit, regional, Synodical and inter-Synodical music competitions.
Dates which were agreed upon were as follows:

Seminar: 2nd April 2011 at Dienssentrum, Mamelodi.
Time: 09h00
Amount: R100.00 per person

Circuit competitions : Between the 24th July 2011 and the 31st July 2011.

Regional competitions: Between the 6th August 2011 and the 20th August 2011.

Synodical competitions: On the 5th September 2011 – Region 5 will host and organize the
Venue: Lebowakgomo

Inter-Synodical competitions: 1st October 2011
Venue: Welkom, Oppenheimer Theatre
Entrance fees: R50.00 for patrons
R50.00 for choristers

1.2.5 Ministry for Proclamation and Worship

Chairperson: Rev TJ Nthakhe
Dep. Chair.: Rev PM Mfati
Secretary: Rev Moshe Maponya
Members Rev P Maruping,
Worship Task Team –RA Matebedi, TJ Nthakhe, JB Maluleke, SS Kgwefane,
Current Affairs Team – PM Mfati, MJ Moroaswi, KR Tsetsewa, CR Mathabatha
Ministerial Formation Team – P Maruping, PP Mosima, MRC Mokhele, I Serame, M Makgoloane RJ Mabusela, Moshe Maponya.

Rev Moshe Maponya reports that the following workshops are in process:

  • Homosexuality –on 7 May 2011 at Region 4
  • Corruption on 08 October 2011 at Region 5
  • Liturgy and Children Communion on 21 May 2011 at Region 3
  • Liturgy and Children Communion on 20 August 2011 at Region 1.

1.2.6 Ministry for Service and Witness

Chairperson: Rev SS Mokoena
Dep. Chair.: Rev ND Legodi
Secretary: Mrs ME Dibetso
Members: TT Hlalele, JM Malefane, WL Malebye, KS Sekgogoba
Rev Mokoena informs the Church Office that their ministry is in its planning session and they are to hold four meetings annually in trying to complete its mandate from the regional synod meeting of 2010 at Mokopane.

1.3. Prayers: – Continuous prayer sessions are requested from the Community of Believers and other participating structures to ensure that we have a blessed synod leadership that shall glorify God such that we may witness God being Alive!!!

1.4. Retirement of the Chief Executive Administrator: 28 May 2011.

a) Dr Maluleke started school at the age of 15;
b) Congregations served:
1. 9th August 1980 – ordained as minister in the congregation Nkhensani
2. 1983 to 1992 December – Served at Shingwezi congregation
3. 1993 – Tent making minister at Mamelodi East
4. 1994 – 1996 September, served Irene congregation;
5. 1996 October to date – serves Ivory Park congregation
c) Ministries and Projects Participant:
1. Team member in the translation of MAHUNGU LAMANENE Bible under the auspices of the Bible Society of South Africa
2. 1994 – 1992 July: served as member of University of the North, at Giyani Teaching Centre
3. 1993 – 2000: attached to CAN/KAN as Financial Manager
d) Synod Functionary:
1. Assistant Scribe to the Regional Synod: 1. 1988 – 1989
2. 1991 – 1994
2. Acting Scribe: 1990 – 1991
3. Assessor: 1995 – 1999
2006 – 2010
2010 – to date
4. Moderator: 1999 – 2000

5. CEA: 2001 – 2011
e) Globe trotter: the following countries have his foot trail:
Switzerland, France, Germany, Nederland, Italy, Brazil, USA, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya and Belgium.
f) The family hearted man – he is married to Sarah and is blessed with seven children, two boys and five girls who all take pride in their Church. Of note it‟s that he is a practical theologian and motivational speaker.

Comments and writings regarding your encounter with his ministry can be forwarded to the Editorial committee of DR SD Maluleke retirement at the following address:

P O BOX 33
Fax: 086 502 7020

“Die kerkkantoor personeel, huldig hom as „n getroue, hardwerkende en loyale lid teen oor die werksaamhede van die kerkkantoor. Hy was „n voorbeeld van die jonge geslag dominees. Hy sal onthou word as „n loyale stigterslid van KAN.”tp.
These tributes and comments should be in before 6 May 2011 for incorporation into the Story/memory book.


2.1.1 Well wishes messages are extended to Lebone congregation on its 50th anniversary celebration held on 27 Feb 2011.
2.2.1 Prop Tshepo Lephakga received a call to URCSA Philadelphia.
2.2.1 Rev TM Banda of Burger, received a call to URCSA Tubatse
(Information received from Rev LJ Raboshakga – Member of the Burger Presbytery).
Prayers are requested to guide our brothers to make appropriate decisions to grow in their ministry.
The following beloved members passed on:
3.1. Ev. Segale who had retired for a while ago, passed on in February 2011 and was buried on 13th Feb 2011.
3.2. Rev Beukes of Rustenburg-Karlien Park passed and was buried on the 6th Feb 2011
3.3. .Mrs Malebye, the wife to Rev Malebye of Saulspoort passed on and was buried on 12 March 2011.
May their Souls Rest In Peace
4. News of note from Ministries:

4.1 Christian Youth Movement

Plans are underway to celebrate June 16 on 16 June 2011 at a venue to announce later by the office of CYM executive

4.2 Christian Women Ministry

  • News of note from our mothers is the reminder to all congregation Presidents to send their annual reports to the Presbytery President by the end of April 2011.
  • Dates of note are:

08 April 2011 – Executive Committee meeting
09 April 2011 – Hoof Bestuur – General meeting
12 – 13 August 2011 – Minister‟s wives workshop


New presbytery, new congregation

The Christian Women‟s League (CWL), has launched another congregation in a new presbytery. This brings the total number of presbyteries which have launched CWL in their congregations to 14 out of 18 in the Northern Synod. On the 20th March 2011, CWL synod committee travelled to Lenyenye in Tzaneen, to launch CWL in Letaba congregation under the leadership of Rev. RJ Mabusela. 53 members were inaugurated. The event was well organized. All the ministries, the church council and congregants from other denominations were united under the MIGHTY NAME OF GOD. CWL members from Polokwane Central and Lebowakgomo congregations joined the Synodical committee to give support to the newly inaugurated members. The committee thanks Rev. RJ Mabusela and his wife, the church council, CWM, CMM, CYM, Sunday school children and the congregation as 6 a whole for the joyous celebration we had on that day.

Other CWL activities :

26 February 2011:

Saulspoort presbytery and Polokwane central held their conferences respectively. Polokwane Central inaugurated 9 new members on the day of conference. Members of the Synodical committee divided themselves to attend these two occasions which were planned on the same day.

12 March 2011 :

The AGM which was scheduled for this day was postponed to the 26th March 2011, to give Saulspoort presbytery CWL members and the Synodical committee a chance to attend Mmamoruti Malebye‟s funeral in Saulspoort. She will be missed for her undivided support and contribution to CWL at all levels of the ministry. May her soul rest in peace. 7&8

May 2011:

CWL (synod) will hold its annual conference and revival for 2011. Growth of the ministry
Since congress in May 2010, CWL has inaugurated 184 new members for the period 29 May 2010-20 March 2011.
33 new members will be inaugurated during the period 27 March 2011 – 15 May 2011. This will bring the total number of membership from 2026 in May 2010 to 2243 in May 2011. We thank God for guiding us towards the realization of our vision, which is to empower women members of the URCSA to be actively involved in building God‟s kingdom through public witness and community service.
– Ms MP Radipabe.


The Christian Men Ministry is challenged by the affirmation of the Northern Synod of being committed in the creation of the environment where the role of the Community of Believers is emphasised. Hence, in reclaiming its position as men in the ministry, CMM Northern Synod shares with us the following information:

Of note are the following events:

  • 6th May 2011, is the closing date for submission of Annual Reports (Finances and Activities).
  • 10 – 11 September 2011 is the Prayer Day where men reclaim their authority in all spheres of life.

4.5 Choirs

4.5.1 The Northern Synod Congregational Ministry at its meeting on the 5th March 2011 at URCSA- Northern Synod Office elected the Synodical Music Commission. The elections were conducted by Rev. J. Molawa [ Vice Chairperson ] and Mrs. Pauline Radipabe [ Secretary ] and the elections went as follows:

4.5.2 Music Commission Members: Chairperson – Mr. J.G. Foko of Region 1 Contact No. 082 392 6877 Deputy Chair – Mr. J.D.O. Sibiya of Region 4 “082 698 2400 Secretary – Mr. A.M. Segone of Region 3 “ 073 340 1018 Deputy Secretary – Ms. J. Tloubatla of Region 2 “082 448 3259 PRO – Mr. M.D. Siko Region 4 “ 072 333 1117 Treasurer – Mr. M.J. Mashiane Region 5 “ 072 200 8108

4.6 Dates of note for the 2011 activities are:

4.6.1 Music Seminar – 02nd April 2011 at Mamelodi Dienssentrum at 09:00 @ R 100, 00 per person and this covers Breakfast, Lunch and Seminar Conductor‟s Fee.
4.6.2 Synodical Music Competitions 03rd September 2011 Host Region 5 @ Lebowakgomo Civic Centre
4.6.3 Inter Synod Music Competitions 01st October 2011 in Welkom @ Oppenheim Civic Theatre.
4.6.4 For more information please contact the PRO – Mr David Siko – 072 333 1117

5 Dates To Note And Diarize:

28 May 2011, farewell function of Dr SD Maluleke
Venue: NG KERK – GEMEENTE SKUILKRANS – Cnr Cussonia Avenue & 1 Albert Str., Val de Grace – PRETORIA. Tel. 012 804 7165
Time: 10h00 – 13h00
Lunch: Served from 13h00 – 15h00

17th June 2011, Special Synod Sitting at Mamelodi Dienssentrum


15th – 16th April – Ministries Executive Committees – Financial reports at Dienssentrum



What is this season that excites the Christian family so much we are at known to be? GOOD FRIDAY. It is observed as the suffering and the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross, which with the resurrection comprises the heart of the Christian faith. Many Christians mark this day in remembrance of God‟s unconditional love and acknowledge the price that God paid for the salvation of the world. Hence, WHY DO YOU LOOK FOR THE LIVING AMONG THE DEAD? HE IS NOT HERE; HE HAS RISEN! REMEMBER HOW HE TOLD YOU, WHILE HE WAS STILL WITH YOU IN GALILEE.

The Church Office has adapted Prayer Week series compiled by the United Ministry for Service and Witness of the reformed family in celebrating this Easter; for He is Alive!! We call all to witness to the world through our words and deeds through Prayer Of Supplicants

Martin Pauw compiled the following theme series that begins by focusing on God, first, since the Lord‟s Prayer begins and ends by directing our attention to who he is and furthermore, it shows the underlying principle on which our prayers are based.

Theme 1: The God who encompasses the prayer that spans the world;
Scripture reading: Matt 6: 9-13. The God to whom we pray (Our Father in Heaven) – each of the key words in the plea contributes to our understanding of this God.

Theme 2: Hallowed be your name.
Scripture reading: Matt 6: 9-13. & 1 Peter 1:14 – 16. – “What‟s in a name? “is often rhetorically asked. Name and name-giving are particularly meaningful. Just as God in the beginning gave man his name. God also calls you by name and acknowledges you as his chosen one. (cf. Isa.42:1 & 45:3).

Theme 3: Your kingdom come, your will be done.
Scripture reading: Matt 6: 9-13. & Matt. 11: 2-6. – When we come to these two pleas, we are at the crux of the Lord‟s Prayer. The pleas are closely linked that they are almost one, like the two sides of the coin. Where His kingdom has come, His will is done as is already the case where he has his seat in heaven.

Theme 4: Give us today our daily bread. Scripture reading: Luke 11: 1-13 & Luke 12: 29-31. –
The proverb is:”there is no harm in asking” however, there is much deeper meaning to the first of the plea in the second part of the Lord‟s Prayer than what is actually accorded to the proverb. The first part, consisting of the first three pleas, has to do with God, our Heavenly Father, with the honour of his name, with the advent of his kingdom that affects his will on earth. In the second part of the Lord‟s Prayer, supplicants bring their own needs, anguish and distress to the father and ask that he will answer to that. However, the plea does not include a silent. The answer can only be no. this pleas is anchored in the promise: ask and it will be given to you. For everyone who asks receives (Luke 11:9-10) and also: your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Matt 6:8). With this plea we confess our dependence on God.

Theme 5: Forgive us our debts.
Scripture reading: Matt. 6:9 – 15 & Heb.4: 14-16 –
“This court of law finds you guilty” or “this court of law finds you not guilty” it‟s easy to guess which words the accused would rather hear. But debt before God, is not expiated, it brings about scission between us and our Creator. It causes to live in enmity with God and with our fellow human beings. It is for this reason that this plea is of utmost importance to us and it speaks to us in our deepest need.

Theme 6: Lead us not into temptation
Scripture reading: 1 Cor.10: 7-17 –
The biggest temptation one confronts is oneself. The poem Invictus reads: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” if we do not direct our souls to the word of God, we end up at a dead end.

Theme 7: A prayer for those who pray
Scripture reading: John 17: 9-23 &Eph.3:16-19. –
Theme seven pauses at the prayer that spans the world. We discover that this Lord‟s Prayer is grounded in the fact that our heavenly Father is Lord of all as well as in the reality of his kingdom, his power and glory.
In each plea we learnt something of how we should pray so that God will be honoured and His kingdom will come. For He is alive!!!

Dear Reader We Thank You for your valuable support and feedback throughout the past; especially after the 1sth Qrt 2011 Newsletter distribution. We hope to strengthen our relationship with you so that we can understand your hopes and dreams for enhancing ours and your being as member of the Believers Community and environment..
Prayer is effective — don’t give up praying for yourself, even if answers seem slow in coming. Remember that God is firmly in control and encourages us to bring our needs and the needs of others to him.

25 March 2011

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