About Us

The URCSA-Northern Synod is a member of the regional synods that came together to constitute the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa.

The Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa was formed by the unification of the DRCA and the DRMC in April 1994. The run up to this union finds its origins in the decisions of 1978 where the reunification of the DRC family was then stated as the ideal.

The amalgamation of the two churches represents a watershed in the history of the DRMC and the DRCA. This union represents a kairos moment in the life of the church in which it departs from apartheid and contradicts the justification of racially divided churches. The event of unification furthermore had great symbolic value in view of the historical context in which it took place, namely 10 days before the first free and democratic elections in SA.

 Structurally the denomination consist of congregations (community of believers) with church councils being the legal persons, presbyteries (grouping of congregations that meets once a year), regional synods (groupings of congregations within previously determined regional boundaries and meeting at least once every three years) and a general synod (national meeting of the church, meeting ever four years). The denomination consist of 483 793 confessing members and 683 congregations.


However, The Northern Synod church boundaries span across 4 Provinces, namely, Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The Northern Synod is divided into 18 Presbyteries, consisting of 134 congregations.